Larimer: 99 Problems But A Peach Ain't One


99 Problems But A Peach Ain't One

Somewhere between Philly and Denver, the tribe of brewers at The Larimer came up with 99 Problems But A Peach Ain't One, a Sour Ale with a killer label. Let's get into it: 


Crisp, with a tart but not overly sour bite. You know that feeling when you eat a grape or blueberry that isn't quite ripe yet and it makes your mouth pucker a little? It's kinda like that. After that initial punch, you immediately get clean fruit undertone that mellows out the sour.  I didn't immediately get a peach taste, but it hit the palette after a few seconds. 


Sour Ale brewed with Peaches and Ginger


A beautiful light champagne color and a nice mid-dense head. Not overly carbonated, and crystal clear. 

Label Design: 

I really dig the clean and flat design they use with their labels. The color fade is also a nice touch, so two thumbs up on the design.  


A solid beer, and on one that is great to have in the fridge. I, personally, can normally only do sour's one at a time, but the 99 Problems But A Peach Ain't One, I could definately have a couple!