Outdoor Gear, Beer, and Event Reviews.


Started by a handful of people who appreciate both high quality content, and real user reviews, The Review Co. was established in 2018. With a goal to produce unbiased thoughts and beautiful product images, we are always looking for ways to provide you with an engaging reading and viewing experience.

All of our content is created by consumers, like many of you, who spend a lot of time talking about gear, maybe too much time drinking good beer, and never enough time going to cool events.

Our reviews aim to provide you with three things:

  1. Real thoughts and real experiences.

  2. Important details to help you make an informed decision.

  3. Links to where you can find a product/beer or where you can participate in an event.

When it comes down to it, we are doing something that we love, and we hope that you love it too. Tell us what you think and what you want to see, and we will see if we can make it happen. 




Cameron Kinney

The founder of The Review Co., Cameron's passion for the outdoors, combined with a love of researching products led him to gather some friends and bring The Review Co. to life. Originally from Michigan, he made is way to Colorado in 2015 and is enjoying every minute of it. 

Location: Colorado Springs
Favorite Activity: Hiking + Fishing + Running + Snowsports
Favorite Beer: The one he's drinking (or Founders All Day IPA)
Next Event: Golden Dirty 30


Nicole Kinney

Our acting editor-in-chief, Nicole is the real backbone to The Review Co. No grammatical mitsakes get by her, so you can always expect the highest quality from our content. She is also our women's specific gear tester, so keep an eye out for those reviews as well! 

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite Activity: Snowshoeing + Hikes + Neighborhood Walks
Favorite Beer: Brewery Vivant: Wizard's Burial Ground
Next Event: GoPro Games 10k


Kevin Vanharn

Ultra marathon veteran, Kevin can be found on the trail pretty much every day. If he isn't on the trails, he is likely making fresh tracks in A-Basin. Kevin provides reviews for running gear, hiking and snow apparel, and will occasionally contribute to the beer reviews.

Location: Longmont, CO
Favorite Activity: Running + Skiing
Favorite Beer: Mountain Sun FYIPA
Next Event: Run Rabbit Run 100


RYAN Klaver

Videographer by trade, and distance runner by passion, Ryan works with our team to review running, hiking, and fly fishing gear. His years of experience behind the camera will also show up on The Review Co., so keep an eye out for his short films.  

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite Activity: Running + Fly Fishing
Favorite Beer: Bells Two Hearted
Next Event: Leadville 100



100% Labrador, and 100% energy, Abe is our resident pet gear tester. He is really good at testing collars, leashes, and food, but not so good at writing reviews. Despite his lack of thumbs, he still provides quality feedback, so he is always up for testing the newest gear. 

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite Activity: Trail Running + Swimming
Favorite Beer: Bristol Brewing Laughing Lab
Next Event: Training with Dad


Aaron Anderson

Aaron pretty much crushes everything he takes on, including new photography ventures. Having shot for companies like Inov-8, Giro, Dragon Alliance, and many others, Aaron knows the industry and is truly talented at creating awe inspiring images.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite Activity: Family Time + Photography + Coffee Drinking
Favorite Beer: Red Leg Devil Dog Stout
Next Event: The Next Photoshoot